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Many people ask where Helga and I (Vinnie) met. It was at a Jesus Freak festival in the days of my squandered youth. Some brownies were going around that tasted funny and the next thing I know, I'm married to a hippie. But she was cute, and I wouldn't serve a church that hired a divorced pastor, so we are still together till Judgement Day, when I assume we will go our seperate ways. Let me (Helga) add, that it seems the Universe brought Vinnie and I together, who am I to argue. He does have a judgmental nature though, which I find unforgivable.

Friday, March 30, 2007


Helga and I have been working to find areas of agreement and so we have agreed on the film we can most readily urge you to avoid in the month of April, sight unseen. And that film is "Grindhouse". Apparently, this film is some kind of salute to the B-films of the 60's and 70's that used the explotation of sex and violence to lure people to the cinema (I remember the times sadly, when films like "The Graduate" and "The Godfather", films without any artistic merit would lure youths to the theater with the promise of flesh and brutality.)
Now my understanding is that this film is a double feature, one featuring killer zombies and lesbians and the other featuring a killer car and lesbians. There are many reasons to skip this film, but Helga want you to know that she thinks you should skip it because of the zombies and killer cars and I think you shoud skip it because of the lesbian. So remember, a good sermon it all the fun you need.


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