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Many people ask where Helga and I (Vinnie) met. It was at a Jesus Freak festival in the days of my squandered youth. Some brownies were going around that tasted funny and the next thing I know, I'm married to a hippie. But she was cute, and I wouldn't serve a church that hired a divorced pastor, so we are still together till Judgement Day, when I assume we will go our seperate ways. Let me (Helga) add, that it seems the Universe brought Vinnie and I together, who am I to argue. He does have a judgmental nature though, which I find unforgivable.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


My next film this fall that is obviously moral indefensible is "Sweeney Todd". This a musical about a barber that kills customers and his lover that makes people into pies. Now you might not see the offensive nature of this may not be apparent. But as treasurer of my local chapter of PASA (People Acknowledging the Superiority of Animals), I am opposed to eating all meat, even human. If a Johnny Depp fan (I certainly understand the appeal) may think after seeing this film that cannablism is OK. If someone has no problem with this, how far is that from eating a pig or a cow or a cute little puppy dog pie. The maker of this film, Tim Burton, previously advocated the eating of processed sugar in that Charlie film, so it is not surprising to see he now advocates something very different from a vegaterian diet.


"The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford"

Now people will probably trying to justify this film in the same way they defend those Satanic Harry Potter films. "Oh, the film gets kids to read, they have to read that whole title." But what are they reading about? Okay, not Potter satanism, but violence.
We all know how all the kids go around playing their cowboys and Indian games. But they should all be wanting to play the good cowboy: John Wayne or preferably Roy Rogers or Tom Mix. But instead the moral degenerates of Hollywood want our young boys to identify with the outlaw, Jesse James. It's Bonnie and Clyde all over again.
Look for a rash of bank and stage robberies in the next ten to fifteen years.


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