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Many people ask where Helga and I (Vinnie) met. It was at a Jesus Freak festival in the days of my squandered youth. Some brownies were going around that tasted funny and the next thing I know, I'm married to a hippie. But she was cute, and I wouldn't serve a church that hired a divorced pastor, so we are still together till Judgement Day, when I assume we will go our seperate ways. Let me (Helga) add, that it seems the Universe brought Vinnie and I together, who am I to argue. He does have a judgmental nature though, which I find unforgivable.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Films to Avoid Next Weekend

Helga says:

It would be very bad for your Karma to attend "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium". I'm sure you are, like me, already excited for the upcoming Holidays, by which I mean the Winter soltice. But I get so sad when children are making their soltice Christmas lists. Instead of asking for donations to progressive charities and clothing made from non-species oppressing materials, so many children ask for toys. And this film could only increase that kind of materialism. Also, this film simply frightens me. Dustin Hoffman in the trailers and promotional still does not compare favorably to Jigsaw in the Saw trailers and promotional stills. Natalie Portman should not be allowed in films again until there is justice for full sized women. And Jason Bateman is in the film and his television program Arrested Developement was not at all politcally correct. And the magic of the film is not of the wholistic Wicca variety.


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