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Many people ask where Helga and I (Vinnie) met. It was at a Jesus Freak festival in the days of my squandered youth. Some brownies were going around that tasted funny and the next thing I know, I'm married to a hippie. But she was cute, and I wouldn't serve a church that hired a divorced pastor, so we are still together till Judgement Day, when I assume we will go our seperate ways. Let me (Helga) add, that it seems the Universe brought Vinnie and I together, who am I to argue. He does have a judgmental nature though, which I find unforgivable.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Helga's Final Fall Film to Avoid in 2007

"No Country for Old Men"

If you know me, you know how I hate violence. I've been particularly been over wrought about this whole Michael Vick dog fighting incident. My fellow members of PASA (People Acknowledging the Superiority of Animals) have been petitioning for the neutering, beating and electrocution of that man.
To review this film's trailer and saw what is called the 'red band' version. This film apparently is full of violence based on a drug deal gone bad. So those who are trying to enhance the lives of others through pharmaceutical means are again demeaned.
And who is the chief villain of this piece? Apparently a Hispanic played by Javier Bardem. Looks like another slam at the only decent class of people in this country, undocumented workers. And who is the hero, the voice of wisdom? Tommy Lee Jones, another old, white man. This continues to be a country only for old white men, contrary to the films title.
I should not be surprised this piece of film is brought to us by the Coen brothers, who certainly do not seem intent to promote feminism, environmentalism or animal rights in their films. What have they done for the Earth?
So I urge you not see this film as the fewer tickets that come out of that little metal box means more trees will live and there is a chance we may not die of global warming. (Though such an extremely slim chance.)
So warm vibrations and karma to you all this lovely Fall (probably the last to enjoy at this temperature), Helga

My Final 2007 Fall Film to Avoid

The Brave One

Now as I'm sure you know, I usually prefer to condemn a film on its own merit, whether I've seen it or not, and not based on the personal lives of its makers. Well, I forgot to bring my Bible to read on a recent trip to my opthomologist and I was forced to read an interview in Entertainment Weekly with Jodie Foster. It promised on the cover a "Candid" interview, but she refused to answer one of the first questions. Apparently Miss Foster (note the 'Miss' and yet she has children), was on the cover of 'Out' magazine along with that newsreader, Anderson Cooper. They asked her to respond to the cover story on that magazine and she would not. Now I personally don't care whether she is going out with Anderson Cooper or not, I was bothered by something else in the interview.
Two other things in the article bothered me. First she said the point of her new film was that "No thinking, feeling, breathing human being should use a gun." Now was she saying policemen and soldiers should not have guns or that only irrational, insensitive people should serve our country and cities? Or was she insulting all of us NRA members. (I admit I registered under an assumed name so that when the government confiscates those registers they can't pull the gun from my live or dead figures.)
She also admitted to being an athiest. It used to be in this country, even if one didn't believe in God, they would have the common courtesy to lie about it to the media. I refuse to support with my entertainment dollars someone who so completely ignores common hypocrisy.
Now the film itself is something about a woman who guns down common criminals, so it is not so objectionable in itself, but do consider who's starring in and probably producing this thing.
So remember, a good sermon is all the fun you need.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Vinton here on 2007 Fall Films to Avoid

"There Will Be Blood"

Now I know I am writing this on the Sabath, but just as Jesus healed on the Sabath I think it is worthwhile to use this day to save people from the cauldron of sin. You can tell Hollywood is up to their usual no goodness when they change titles. Who can forget when they came out a film titled "About Last Night..." to hide its real origin, "Sexual Perversity in Chicago". Paul Thomas Anderson used this new title to hide the fact that it is based on the novel "Oil!" by Upton Sinclair. Yes, that Upton Sinclair, notorious liberal. He ran for public office as a Socialist (and later as a Democrat, big difference), founded the California ACLU and experimented with the occult (his book, "Mental Radio" was about telepathy and the seances.) You know, my grandfather said that meat never tasted as good after he wrote the novel "The Jungle" (grandda said that cleaning up the slaughterhouses took much of the exotic flavoring from the meat.)
Anyway, considering Sinclair's commie background I would expect this film won't have much good to say about the oil industry and without the oil industry (as I'm sure Helga would wish) we would be using horse and buggies, but groups like PETA and PASA will keep up from using the horses so we will be pulling our own buggies, thank you very much.
I did hear in the trailer the use of the song "There is Power in the Blood", a favorite of mine and probably the only decent number Marty Robbins ever did.
I also heard that this is a violent film, as perceptive may discern from the title. If you want violence just read the book of Judges.
As always, if you want entertainment, just listen to a good sermon.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Helga Here With Another Film to Avoid in the Fall

"Into the Wild" should be a wonderful story about a young man that leaves the confines of evil Western conventions to become one with the wilderness. Now I had some hope for this film because it was directed by Sean Penn who totally has vision in the world politcs. Penn understands that Bush is evil (I've tried to convince Vinton but they share Bornagainist so he blames everything Bush does that he disagrees with on the neocons)and Hugo Chavez is a genius and a beautiful humanitarian who limits his people's rights for their own good.
But the story of this film about a recent college graduate, Chris Candleless who does all the right things. He abandons his car (I assume because it contributes to global warming) and burns his money (I wish I had the courage to rid myself of those dead white men and only keep the sisters, Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea, who, of course, won't burn.)
Now someone who does such good things would have exceptional Karma and nature would reward such a person greatly. From what I understand, she would reward him greatly for that but instead weather and natural forces work against him. Who cares whether this is based on a true story; they should have shown Mother Earth being nice to those who are nice to her. Shame on you Sean.
So skip this film, spend time with nature. Tree climbing is fine, but it has become a bit of a cliche, so go hug a bush.